Sarah Hamilton: Stingless Native Beekeeper & Educator

Meet our stingless native beekeeper & educator who is coming along to present to all Years 3 & 4 Canterbury students & parents at 2:30pm NEXT Tuesday 15 June during our big FREE event:

‘I Beg Your Garden’ Canterbury Kitchen Garden Capers: An Afternoon Adventure In Our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden.

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Sarah Hamilton of Bee Yourself is a Meliponist, aka a stingless beekeeper, or native bee custodian.

She offers beekeeping, consulting and educational services all over the east coast of Australia.

Her primary focus is on raising awareness, providing educational services and supplying hives and accessories for new bee custodians.

Becoming a native bee custodian is a safe, low maintenance and enjoyable hobby that anyone can take up and help reverse the decline of our precious plant pollinators.

Working with native bees is being practiced throughout the country, not only as a safe and fun educational tool with a wide variety of learning outcomes, but also as therapy for people who are experiencing emotional or physical challenges.

Come along next Tuesday afternoon and see these tiny stingless marvels for yourself…