Over 70 Fee-Free TAFE Courses Now Available @ TAFE Queensland

Great news!

Over 70 Fee-Free TAFE Courses are now available at TAFE Queensland in a range of high-priority areas – including health and science, business, cyber security and IT, education and community, agriculture, and service industries.


Don’t break the bank!

If you’re eligible for Fee-Free TAFE funding, some or all of your course costs will be covered by the Australian and Queensland Governments.

Although you’re paying less, you still receive the same quality of training and education.

So get job ready in 2024!

Fee-Free TAFE courses have been specifically chosen based on local skills demand and advice from industry.

When you complete training in these high-priority areas you can feel confident for what comes next, knowing you have the industry-relevant skills employers are looking for.

Apply now and seize your opportunity with Fee-Free TAFE.