NEW: Certificate III Aviation For All Year 10 – 12 Students – Completely FREE!


Canterbury College constantly strives to provide students with the most diverse and relevant opportunities that can be applied in the real world.

Employers are seeking people with additional skills and knowledge in robotics and digital systems and their interface with industry.

The Australian Unmanned Systems Academy (AUSA) Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot) provides high school students with these industry skills, opening up many career and higher education pathways – including the Certificate IV in Aviation.

Currently there is an increasing demand for unmanned aviation and aerospace engineers, mechanics, operators, software engineers and geo-spatial data analysts that spans many industries such as:

Surveying & Mapping | Building & Construction | Infrastructure | Real Estate | Media & Entertainment | Retail | Logistics | Law Enforcement | Security & Intelligence | Defence | Search & Rescue | Disaster Response & Recovery​​​​​ | Fire & Rural Fire Fighting | Meteorology | Finance | Forestry | Robotics | Mining & Resources | Agriculture.

The curriculum has been carefully developed to deliver exciting technical and practical skill sets, while also bolstering student literacy, numeracy and ICT skills.

Students enjoy full independent access to the AUSA interactive e-learning platform, with full lecture content and presentations to support learning both during and outside class times.

Students will also attend personal sessions on Monday afternoons, where a teacher can assist with any theory or practical work.

Practical classes utilising the highest industry grade drones, sensors, flight systems and simulator equipment, ensures the skills and experience that students acquire is directly applicable to real world expectations.

Canterbury College is the ONLY school in Logan City and surrounding areas to offer this opportunity to students!

The course layout is provided below:


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