Mr Paul Penny Tribute Video

Dear Mr Penny,

Thank you for this term of Kitchen Garden. You are an amazing gardener.

Thank you for being generous to us this term. I got to learn many things.

I never knew before about: bok choy, basil, chives, parsley, worm tea, mulch, weed tea, white apples, minims, pink lime berries and way more.

You have been generous and let us even try all these fruits.

WE EVEN HAD PIZZA!!!!! Thank you so much Mr Penny.

From Zara Sell – Class 4MIB


Thank you very much Zara.

It is a pleasure working with you – in the class and in the garden.

Mr Penny
Canterbury Teacher


What a great feeling it is to receive emails like this from our students. Thoroughly deserved on your part Mr Penny.

My class jumped for joy when I tell them Mr Penny is coming in today for Kitchen Garden, and they all loved making this short video for you.

Thanks a lot.

Mr Brown
Canterbury Teacher