Mr Jason Daniel: LSKD Founder & CEO | Speaks With Canterbury Year 7 Business Students

Our Year 7 Business, Economics and Enterprise class explores the skills needed to become a successful modern-day entrepreneur.

So who better to provide industry advice than Mr Jason Daniel, Founder and CEO of the highly successful Australian sportswear brand LSKD?

Canterbury students Ottelia Faggotter and Sidney McMahon recently enjoyed the amazing opportunity to sit down with him and discuss all things business.

Mr Jason Daniel is a 37-year-old mega success story from right here in Logan, Queensland.

This former pro motocross rider turned tradie who used to earn just $7 an hour, has transformed his clothing company into a global powerhouse worth $100 million AUD.

At just 12-years-old, Jason began making his own t-shirts for the local BMX community.

By 16, while working as an apprentice carpenter, he officially launched ‘Loose Kid Industries’ in 2002.

LSKD – short for ‘Loose Kid’ – comes from his nickname, earned through his fearless BMX riding.

In 2007, this brand name transitioned from ‘Loose Kid Industries’ to simply ‘LKI’.

Even while juggling a full-time carpentry job, and stashing his clothing products in three huge shipping containers in his mum’s backyard, Jason stayed committed to the brand, pushing through even during slow sales periods.

After a broken wrist ended his motocross aspirations in 2010, Jason went ‘all in’ on his clothing label and business dreams.

Although the early days were riddled with setbacks, Jason’s unwavering persistence and determination, and sheer belief in his products eventually paid off.

After another rebranding to ‘LSKD’ in 2018, the focus shifted to e-commerce and a dual-channel approach, with online and physical stores.

A sophisticated multi-faceted marketing strategy, a willingness to learn from mistakes, and truly valuing his team, were crucial to LSKD’s exponential growth.

Between 2019-23, the company’s annual revenue skyrocketed from $1.6 million to $76 million, with celebrities like Hillary Duff, Zac Efron, Hailey Bieber, Vanessa Hudgens and Emily Ratajkowski sporting the label.

With worldwide success and continuous growth, LSKD stores are opening across the globe, embodying their commitment to getting 1% better every day.

So let’s see what Mr Jason Daniel can share with our Canterbury students Ottelia and Sidney!