Letter Received @ Canterbury College From QLD Minister For Transport & Main Roads Mr Mark Bailey MP

Dear Principal,

In a world-first road safety initiative, new speed camera technology will soon target speeding drivers at selected school zones and roadworks sites across Queensland.

The announcement of this two-year pilot was made as part of Queensland Road Safety Week (QRSW), which ran from 22 to 26 August 2022.

The pilot will involve speed cameras deployed in flashing school zone signs at a number of schools, which have been selected based on a risk assessment, conducted by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR).

Selected schools will be notified before installation commences, and additional signage will be installed prior, advising of speed camera enforcement in the area.

Speeding continues to be one of the main contributing factors in deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

We know school children are among our most vulnerable road users.

This speed camera pilot will act as a deterrent to drivers, with fines and demerit points to be issued to those who fail to slow down.

These fines are used to fund important road safety initiatives and education across Queensland.

The message of QRSW this year is that ‘road safety starts with me’.

This is particularly relevant to drivers and riders around school zones.

Everyone has a role in keeping our roads safe, and it is imperative drivers reduce their speed to the signed 40 km/h speed limit, and be aware of activity by young children on or near the road.

Research has consistently shown a link between camera enforcement and reductions in speed-related fatalities and serious injuries.

Sites selected for the cameras have been chosen based on suitability for the program, primarily from reported and recorded speeding behaviour.

Depending on the outcome of the pilot, the initiative may be expanded to additional schools across the state.

The cameras will only operate during the designated times on the flashing school zone signs, and drivers who do the right thing and slow down have nothing to worry about.

I would appreciate if you could please share information on this road safety pilot with your school’s parents and carers.

Any questions about this new speed camera technology, targeting speeding drivers at selected school zones and roadworks sites across Queensland, can be directed to TMR by email at  or telephone on 07 3066 2835.

TMR will be pleased to assist.

Yours sincerely,


Queensland Minister for Transport and Main Roads