ISQ Media Release: Final Results Ready To Be Published For Year 12 Students

The moment many outgoing Year 12 students are waiting for is almost upon them, after another challenging year for students across the State.

More than 50,000 Queensland Year 12 students will be able to log on to view their final results when they are published online after 8am THIS Friday 17 December 2021.

Independent Schools Queensland Acting Chief Executive Officer Shari Armistead said the moment was an exciting time for many students – particularly the more than 10,000 students from Queensland independent schools – as they consider their future aspirations, whatever they may be.

“The diversity of the Queensland independent schooling sector is reflected in the desires and ambitions of its students,” Ms Armistead said.

“Their next big decision could involve university, skills training, joining the workforce, or a gap year.

“For some that decision will be clear, and for others, it might be a little more involved.

“Whatever decision these young people make, they should know there is a wide range of support available to help them navigate this important stage in their life.”

Ms Armistead said 2021 was challenging for many Queensland students.

“Across the independent schooling sector in 2021, there were some short-term school closures and increased health-related restrictions due to the pandemic,” she said.

“However, the way the students handled these disruptions is to be commended.

“Everyone across the State is wishing the Year 12 graduates every success in their future.”

Queensland Independent Schools Parents Network Executive Officer Justine Cirocco said the nerves felt by many students would also likely be felt by their parents as well.

“Parents play a fundamental role in the guidance and support of their children throughout their education, and the release of final results can be a big day for parents,” Ms Cirocco said.

“Whatever the outcomes, parents should feel assured there are plenty of resources and information available to help continue guiding their young people through this post-school transition period.

“School career guidance officers are a great place to start.

“Parents should also ensure they are across all QTAC and other education providers’ application deadlines, to help their children fully explore the options available to them.”

QTAC and the Queensland Curriculum & Assessment Authority have both put together a suite of useful information for students and parents.

Students will also be able to access their final subject and course results and, if eligible, their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).

These statements are prepared and released by the QCAA.