IMPORTANT PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE: Easterly Street Roundabout and High Road Set-Down Zones and Carparking Update

Dear Parents, Carers and Families,

We understand that drop-off and pick-up routines are not straightforward here at Canterbury in 2024, due to the closure of the Easterly Street parking and set-down zone, because of the ongoing Junior School construction work.

In advance of this work commencing, we purposely increased the general carparking capacity of the school by over 120 parks – across the High Road carpark, Sports Hall carpark and Aquatic Centre carpark.

We currently have traffic marshals working in the High Road carpark to assist with the flow of traffic through the correct lanes during peak morning drop-offs and afternoon pick-ups.

We have now also made the decision to have a traffic marshal working at Care Central’s Easterly Street roundabout in the mornings and afternoons as well.

Important Note: Unfortunately, it is not possible for parents or carers to park at this Easterly Street roundabout for longer than 15 minutes.

It is essentially a drop-off and pick-up zone only until construction work is completed, with 15 minutes allowed for those parents or carers who need to collect an unwell child from inside Care Central.

We wish to advise you that Logan City Council has been issuing infringement tickets to those drivers choosing to park along the Easterly Street footpath.

While some parents have been using this area for quite a while, it is not regarded as a legal carparking zone.

And the Council has indicated to us that they will continue to fine motorists who use this footpath area for parking.

As a suggestion, many parents have shifted their drop-offs and pick-ups for their Years 5-6 students over to the new Sports Hall and Aquatic Centre carparks to avoid the congestion.

So this is something you may wish to consider and trial with your own children if possible.

High Road’s Junior School access has been engineered as well as we possibly can, while Easterly Street access will remain challenging during this construction phase, which is expected to end later this year.

We are all part of one Canterbury Community, and we need to work cooperatively to keep our carparks and set-down areas functioning, while still completely safe for our children.

So I please ask for your patience and understanding over the next few months.

And please be respectful to any staff or traffic marshals who ask you to move on from areas that are not regarded as carpark zones.

Nobody deserves to be abused for just doing their job in the best interests of the whole community.

Yours sincerely,

Dan Walker
College Principal