End Of Year 6 Chapel Service | Event Wrap & Photos

Last Thursday, our Year 6 cohort made their way to our on-campus Chapel Of The Good Shepherd, to celebrate and give thanks for reaching a major milestone in their schooling journey at Canterbury College.

The service focused on what milestones were historically, and how reaching each milestone – although a journey in itself, is part of a much bigger journey.

Our students then looked at some of the ‘stories’ of our time that were presented in a trilogy style – Shrek, Cars, X-Men, The Godfather, Back to the Future and many more.

As our Year 6 cohort reach the end of their Junior School days, they appreciated this time of prayer to give thanks for the journey they have been on so far, and for courage into the future.

They also took some time to look around the Chapel, noting the recent changes that have taken place – like the addition of each House’s patron’s name and the Canterbury crest.

It was a great time of reflection and giving thanks to God, and it was wonderful hearing our Year 6 students singing and having fun in their spiritual home here at Canterbury.


Fr Dan Talbot
College Chaplain