Congratulations 2023 FUSE Cup Mario Kart Deluxe eSports Global Champion: Year 9’s Alexander Sayers!

Big congratulations to Ramsey House’s Year 9 student Alexander Sayers on becoming the 2023 FUSE Cup Mario Kart Deluxe eSports Global Champion!

Also congratulations to Bentley Horne and Lucas Noy for coming runners-up in the 2023 FUSE Cup Rocket League eSports National Competition.

All the boys attended Emmanuel College on Friday for their State Final matches.

Bentley and Lucas were narrowly beaten, while Alex won in a last corner pass, to progress to the National Finals on Saturday.

Alex duly won his National Final and progressed to the Global Final which he also won – amazing job!

It was a great day seeing students from all over Australia demonstrate their amazing skills and good sportsmanship in some very close competitions across the games Mario Kart, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros and Just Dance.

Can’t wait for 2024!

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