Clarks Logan City Bus Service | School Service Changes From Term 1, 2024

Please find below and attached school bus routes which will be impacted by changes from Monday 22 January 2024 for Term 1.

Translink have approved our School Route Service Plan changes to the following school bus routes: 4161, 4403, 4458, 4470, 4487.

The following changes have been made to these bus routes:

•   4161 – Route removed from Beenleigh Station, to start in Holmview Road at 7:35am to Loganlea State High School. Route from Loganlea State High School to Kimberley Park Primary School moved to new route 4121, and students to use new route 4121 starting at 7:15am from Monash Road to access Daisy Hill Primary School & Kimberley Park Primary School.

•   4403 – RENUMBERED to 4160: Route to start at 7:35am and travels existing route arriving at Edens Landing Primary School at 8:30am.

•   4458 – RENUMBERED to 4250: Route to start at 2:50pm from Bus Stop on Muchow Road outside Marsden State High School to travel to Edens Landing via Waterford West Primary School, Burow Road, Montrose Avenue, Federation Drive, Station Road and Castile Crescent. Route removed from Waterford Primary School and Canterbury College so students to use new routes 4261 or 4282.

•   4470 – RENUMBERED to 4264: Route from Edens Landing Primary School to Bethania has been renumbered to 4260. Rest of the existing Route 4470 has been renumbered to 4264 travelling to Waterford Primary School, Canterbury College, Beenleigh and Edens Landing via the following: Waterford Primary School to Bethania, return to Canterbury College, then to Beenleigh via Bethania, and return back to Edens Landing.

•   4487 – RENUMBERED to 4260: Route from Waterford Primary School to Bethania has been renumbered to 4264. Rest of existing route 4487 has been renumbered to 4260 travelling from Edens Landing Primary School to Bethania, onto Canterbury College, then to Loganholme Station via Loganlea Station. Route removed from Allenby Drive.

2024 Bus Routes Servicing Your School:

Mornings: 4160, 4161.

Afternoons: 4260, 4264, 4282.

Attached is an information flyer with details and links to the Clarks Logan City Bus Service and Translink websites.

The Translink Journey Planner will be updated in January 2024 with changes to these routes.

Please direct any queries to  where our customer service staff will assist you.


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