Canterbury’s Years 5-6 Spark Program – ARTS RENEWAL: BOOKBINDING & DECORATING


Can functional objects be beautiful too?

This subject is an inquiry learning project, where students will design and make their own handmade book, using decision-making processes and reflecting upon their personal interests.

They will study Form vs Function and apply strategies to their creation, while considering how a book can be made aesthetically pleasing – combining traditional bookbinding processes with 21st Century artmaking techniques.

Students will experiment with unusual media and subject matter, research ideas from other artists, plus be inspired by stimulus from our own campus environment.

They will develop their own page design ideas based on their intended purpose, while still retaining functionality; develop skills painting and drawing to create an aesthetically pleasing front and back cover; and demonstrate their individual artistic skills and flair.


Join us for the…

2023 Semester 2 Junior School Spark Learning Expo | 11:30am – 1:30pm, Wednesday 15 November | Canterbury Events Centre (CEC).

We invite you to explore the displays and presentations created by our upper Junior School students throughout Semester 2 this year in their Spark Classes.


What is SPARK?

SPARK is an elective-based ‘hands-on’ curriculum for Years 5 and 6 students that is unique to Canterbury.

Each semester our students choose a special subject to study.

Then students from both year levels are combined into the same classroom and taught by relevant staff.

SPARK is about building curiosity, encouraging students to try something new, and providing an exceptional opportunity for them to embark on their own learning journey, as part of their ‘World Ready’ Canterbury education.

When does SPARK occur?

SPARK happens once per week, with students encouraged to continue their learning beyond the classroom.

How does SPARK link to the curriculum?

SPARK focuses on the Australian Curriculum’s general capabilities, looking at critical and creative thinking, personal and social capability, ethical understanding and intercultural understanding.

How can I see my child’s learning?

The Junior School hosts a learning exhibition at the end of each semester, where all students will have something to exhibit based on their SPARK sessions.