Canterbury’s 35th Foundation Day Celebrations: Monday Morning 14 March

What: Canterbury College 35th Foundation Day Celebrations

When: THIS Monday Morning 14 March 2022

Starts: 8:45am Seating For
– 8:50am: Foundation Day Morning Chapel
– 9:30am: 2022 Canterbury Alumni Network Awards
Finishes 9:50am | Then Walk Across Campus For
– 10:00am: Cursus Magnus ‘Our Great College Race’
Ends: 10:50am

Where: Foundation Day Morning Chapel AND 2022 Canterbury Alumni Network Awards – Canterbury Events Centre (CEC).

Where: Cursus Magnus ‘Our Great College Race’ – Oval 1, Athletics Track – Canterbury College.

Who: Foundation Day Morning Chapel AND 2022 Canterbury Alumni Network Awards – Junior & Secondary School Students | Award Winners | College Staff.

Who: Cursus Magnus ‘Our Great College Race’:

Spectators: All Junior & Secondary School Students | All Parents & Past Students Welcome | College Staff.

Runners (Teams of 8): Years 5 – 12 Students | Canterbury Alumni Members | College Staff.

Canterbury celebrates its 35th Anniversary Foundation Day, by reflecting on how far we’ve come, and looking forward to the ‘milestones and magic’ over the next 35 years, with Morning Chapel in the CEC.

Then we recognise three leading past students with our 2022 Canterbury Alumni Network Awards, with trophies presented in the following three categories: Young Alumnus of the Year, Entrepreneur Alumnus of the Year and Trailblazer Alumnus of the Year.

Finally, Cursus Magnus will see representative teams of eight from all six Houses, the Canterbury Alumni Network and College Staff racing each other in our great relay race on the Taipans Athletics Track.

Each runner must complete two laps (800 metres) before passing the baton onto the next runner, until all eight runners have completed their laps to find the overall winning team.

Best performing House WINS. Who will come out on top? image.php?hash=4013f8c98c09d0fdb4e7480aa86c2f77db6c6131

Will 2021 Cursus Magnus Champions Becket House retain their title?

Come and show your House and College spirit as we compete in one of our big Inter-House events for the 2022 School Year. image.php?hash=e0d3c91d57deb694a2174063d235305e8f92157fimage.php?hash=48e9c89e4bfd24b96d6c5c9a076a1a94ff94480dimage.php?hash=e71f69b6084375d74554aeb486d9404c94a27fcdimage.php?hash=6f4edc98c5f6cebe7fb8c6ed3685d22e6f727585image.php?hash=de7c66ae294c4e87c856529bb8aab48efc0f3744image.php?hash=9beeb944cc771162b4f0fcbce4e40b55c0df5eb6

Happy Canterbury Foundation Day!