Canterbury Taipans UTR: Universal Tennis Rating Match-Play Tennis | 4pm – 6pm, Every Friday Evening In School Term @ Canterbury Taipans Tennis Centre – STARTS THIS FRIDAY: REGISTER NOW!

What: Canterbury Taipans UTR Match-Play Tennis.

When: 4:00pm – 6:00pm, Every Friday Evening In School Term.


Where: Canterbury Taipans Tennis Centre – Canterbury College.

– Entry & Parking Via Sports Precinct Gate, 182 Old Logan Village Road, Waterford.
– Venue includes full toilet, change-room, parent room, plus indoor and outdoor shower facilities.

Who: For ALL Canterbury Community + Logan Community Young Tennis Players.

Hosts: Canterbury Taipans Tennis Centre Admin & Coaching Staff.

UTR Match-Play Tennis Schedule: Term 2, 2024

Week 1: THIS Friday 10 May | Week 2: Friday 17 May | Week 3: Friday 24 May | Week 4: Friday 31 May | Week 5: Friday 7 June | Finals Week: Friday 14 June = End Of Term.

Cost: $15 Per Week | Full payment required at sign-up time.

So Full Term 2, 2024 = 6-Week Block = 6 x $15 = $90 Total.

RSVPs: Simply register your interest by emailing –

Contact: Canterbury Taipans Tennis Centre – T: 07 3299 0900 | E:

UTR Match-Play Tennis Summary

Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) Match-Play Tennis is a fun and social way for youth to get into tennis OR build upon the basic tennis skills they already have, or are currently learning.

The low-compression balls, smaller rackets and modified courts make learning tennis easier for smaller bodies over four stages – Red Ball, Orange Ball, Green Ball and Yellow Ball.

Best of all, young players can progress through these coloured ball stages at their own pace, with Match-Play catering to EVERY level from beginners up to seasoned competitors.

Newcomers gradually learn all the basic tennis strokes, rally strategies, and match skills and drills; plus even how to score individual games, sets and matches.

Experienced participants enjoy the opportunity to practice and bolster their competitive tennis play with other like-minded individuals.

Importantly, all young players will learn to embrace sportsmanship and competition in a positive and safe environment.

UTR Match-Play Tennis Season Overview

  • Short tennis seasons where you can opt-in at any time.
  • Includes End-Of-Term Finals with medal presentations.
  • Play Singles and Doubles each week.

Colour Ball Formats

Red Ball Timed Matches | 20 Minutes Max
Orange Ball First To Win 4 Games | 40-40 Next Point Wins Game
Green Ball Singles: First To Win 6 Games | Doubles: First To Win 4 Games
Yellow Ball First To Win 6 Games

General Rules

  • Parents or carers must stay off the courts as supervisors will assist with any issues.
  • Any participants not playing will be required to assist as supervisors for current matches.
  • When playing to six games, a tie-break occurs at 5-5, with the first to reach seven points.
  • When playing to four games, a tie-break occurs at 3-3, with the first to reach five points.
  • If the ball is ‘out’ = your hand goes up, if the ball is ‘in’ your hand points to the ground.


The Canterbury Taipans value competing hard for every point, enjoying winning and being gracious in defeat, while trying to learn something from each experience.

Winning and losing can stir strong emotions for young players and it’s something that is good for them to experience in a friendly and supportive setting.

Some other great reasons to begin competing:

  • You get to practice what you’ve learned during your regular tennis lessons.
  • It’s fun and based around making friends and socialising.
  • It’s a great way to learn the rules around tennis while developing match strategies and tactics.
  • It’s excellent for physical activity while improving your tennis, motor and movement skills.
  • It helps develop self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.
  • It teaches the value of effort and working towards your goals.
  • And naturally it improves your Universal Tennis Rating (UTR).

Links to activate or find out more about the UTR:

Competitive Player Profile | Competitive Play | Tennis Australia

What’s Your UTR Rating? | Competitive Play | Tennis Australia

Players without a Date Of Birth recorded in the UTR system will show as UnRated (UR).

Players below 10 years old will have a whole number rating (X).

Players aged between 10-12 years old will have a one decimal rating (X.X).

Players aged 13 years and up will have a two decimal rating (X.XX).