Canterbury Dominates 2023 TAS e-Sports Finals | Secures Double Weekend Victory!

Last Saturday 11 November witnessed an intense clash of skills and strategy at the 2023 TAS e-Sports Invitational Tournament Semi-Finals and Grand Final matches hosted at Ormiston College.

This event brought together the finest gamers, tacticians and strategists, culminating in three competitive categories: League of Legends, Chess and Rocket League.

Canterbury College emerged as the standout performer, clinching victories in two of the three competitions.

In their League of Legends Semi-Final, Canterbury – represented by Tiffany Tindall, Adam PottertonJordan Bolger, Blythe Nimmo and Jack Henning, faced Ormiston in a thrilling showdown that had fans on the edge of their seats.

While the battle was fierce, Canterbury was eventually outplayed by Ormiston, ending their journey in this category.

But the Semi-Final did showcase the spirit of sportsmanship and the high level of competition at TAS e-Sports this year.

On the chessboard, Canterbury had two representatives in Anthony Li and Amir Al Shoomary in the Semi-Finals.

In a display of intellect and strategy, Anthony secured victory in two closely contested matches, earning him a spot in the Grand Final.

His remarkable performance set the stage for Canterbury’s success in the Chess competition.

Canterbury’s Rocket League team – namely Lucas Noy, Breeze Tauroa and Brayden Roos, returned to the arena in the Semi-Final against Ormiston, delivering an impressive performance.

Their convincing win propelled them into the Grand Final, where they were determined to claim the championship.

In the Chess Grand Final, Anthony from Canterbury faced off against St John’s in a nail-biting match.

With keen concentration and strategic moves, Anthony emerged as the victor, securing the Chess championship for Canterbury College.

The Rocket League Grand Final brought Canterbury College against John Paul College, where they faced an initial setback by losing the first match.

However, they quickly regrouped and went on a winning streak, securing victory in the next three games.

This remarkable comeback not only won them the Rocket League title, but also showcased their resilience and adaptability.

The TAS e-Sports competition was an exhilarating day of intense battles, where Canterbury displayed their gaming prowess.

With two of the three trophies in their possession, they proved themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

As the dust settles on TAS e-Sports 2023, Canterbury College looks forward to defending their titles in the 2024 season, eager to showcase their skills and continue their legacy of dominance.

Mr James Jenkins
Director of Learning and Teaching Innovation