Canterbury College’s United Nations Day Festival Cookbook! | Please Share Your Wonderful Family Recipes: Nominations CLOSE 11:59pm Sunday 21 April

A Message From Our Social Justice Captain Ruby Wandschneider…

United Nations Day at Canterbury College has become an annual highlight of the year, where we invite students to share cultural experiences which are significant to their families and heritage.

It’s an event which was created by our students and continues to rely upon the participation and enthusiasm of our wider Canterbury community.

United Nations Day is a wonderful way for our community to celebrate the multiculturalism of our school by sharing our experiences, music, singing, dance, traditions and… delicious dishes!

Date: Friday 14 June 2024 (Last School Day Term 2) with more event details to follow.

This year our Student Prefect team is adding a brand new inclusion – a Canterbury Cookbook!

Yes – we would love to create this special ‘keepsake’ that will showcase our cultural diversity.

So we are now asking families to send us their meaningful cultural dish recipes to publish in our first Canterbury Cookbook.

This cookbook will be on sale during our United Nations Day Festival and is a great way to share your cultural and family stories, and the food that brings your ‘clan’ together.

Recipe nominations are NOW OPEN!

So please email your recipe nominations, along with your family or cultural connection to the dish/es, and your prepared dish photos to –

Please ensure you use the UN Day Cookbook as your email subject line.

Recipe nominations are open to ALL student families from the ELC to Year 12.

Our College Prefects will then decide which family stories and recipes will be shared in our Canterbury Cookbook.

Recipe nominations CLOSE 11:59pm Sunday 21 April 2024.

Please include:

  • Student name/s and current year level/s.
  • Recipe/s’ culture or country of origin.
  • Your cultural and/or family connection to the recipe.
  • Details of where and when the recipe would typically be made or served: e.g. weddings, breakfast etc.

Recipe Information:

  • All required ingredients.
  • Cooking time and simple cooking directions.
  • Photos of the cooking process and finished product are strongly encouraged.
  • Photos of student/s and relatives cooking or enjoying the food.
  • Any other relevant information.

Please direct any questions to Mrs Amanda von Kanel at –

Thank you for participating!

Ruby Wandschneider – Social Justice Captain

Mrs Amanda von Kanel – Director of Student Development