Calling ALL Canterbury Drama-Loving Students! | 2023 Canterbury Theatre Launch: Week 10 – Lunch Break, Thursday 30 March @ Performing Arts Theatre

2023 Canterbury Theatre Launch

  • Come and find out about this year’s exciting programs for Secondary Theatre Productions.
  • Collect materials for Term 2 Auditions.
  • For ALL students who registered for the Canterbury Theatre Company and Canterbury Players, PLUS ANY other students interested in being part of Canterbury Theatre.
  • Week 10: Thursday 30 March @ Lunch Break 2nd Recess – Bring your lunch!
  • Our Performing Arts Theatre.

We are excited to begin in Term 2, Week 1 with our auditions to be held for everyone on Thursday 20 April 2023 in the Performing Arts Theatre.

See you on Thursday 30 March in our Performing Arts Theatre at lunchtime in Week 10!

Performing Arts Faculty
Canterbury College