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Farmalogic Pty Ltd



Farmalogic’s innovative nutritional solutions are recommended by vets, farriers, professional trainers, riders and horse lovers everywhere! Equine Vit&Min’s leading nutritional supplements are scientifically formulated to top up and balance the vitamins and minerals often missing from horse rations. The concentrated and economical blends have earned their reputation as one of Australia’s most trusted brands because they simply work.

Every Equine Vit&Min customer is entitled to a free horse diet analysis to make sure everything is balanced and all your horse’s dietary needs are met.

The Farmalogic range including Omega Balancer, ReFLEX for joints, Replenish electrolytes, B-Good paste, Grazaid toxin binders Fat Pony for laminitis-prone horses and Melox antioxidants have been designed to solve the real world problems we hear about from horse owners every day. We have scoured the world for scientifically backed ingredients to create products you can trust to be effective.

Larissa Bilston (B.Agr.S – Hons 1)
Animal Nutritionist, Equine Vit&Min

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