Condamine Campers

Condamine Campers

Chambers Flat


From humble beginnings in 2015, Condamine Campers is now a highly regarded manufacturer of Australian Hybrid Campers. Initially it was the brain child of two software engineers looking for a way to cater for their families camping needs. The company has since evolved offering an innovative solution allowing a family to travel and camp together in luxury.

Condamine Campers prides itself on its unique design, producing a high-quality product whilst maintain pricing affordability.
• 100% Australian workmanship and materials
• Designed in computer using 3D modelling software
• All components including chassis are lasercut in SE Queensland

The companys’ strength is its willingness to listen to its clients’ needs and be willing and able to adapt its products to suit changing demands.

The owner John Huth has a hands-on approach to the business, involved in each step from the initial design process, through the sales, build and after sales service.

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