Canterbury College: Official Microsoft Showcase School!

Did you know only 11 schools in Australia have achieved the status of being a Microsoft Showcase School?

To be recognised, you must graduate up through the levels – starting as a Microsoft Lighthouse School, through to being a Microsoft Gold School, and finally reaching the peak with Microsoft Showcase School status.

The Microsoft Showcase School Program is an educational transformation program connected with an international community of innovative schools worldwide.

This program facilitates immersive experiences to encourage lifelong learning and streamline the evolution of fundamental future-ready skills, allowing students to accomplish more.

Canterbury College is now well into its third year as a 1-1 Student – Microsoft Surface Pro Laptop Device school from Year 4 upwards.

Once the program is fully rolled out, students will also receive a new device every three years, typically in Years 4, 7 and 10.

This will mean students are always working on a device capable of the demands of evolving digital learning opportunities.

There has been tremendous uptake and support by families and staff as our students use the Microsoft Surface Pro devices to ‘power’ their futures.

Of course, on simple levels, our students use their devices to research and record information predominantly using the top-end Microsoft Office package we deploy and rapid school-based data delivery.

Even in non-1-1 years, most classes leverage the ‘instant and permanent’ OneNote to teach and warehouse lessons.

In conjunction with MyCC, this takes teaching and learning to levels not imagined by generations past.

Many schools right across the world using Microsoft products aspire to become Microsoft Lighthouse Schools.

Schools must really use the technology and show genuine commitment to value-adding as an experience and an education to achieve this status.

Once becoming a Lighthouse or Showcase School, that school has access to worldwide networks for sharing insights and best-practices using the Microsoft Education Transformation Framework.

Each school is also allocated specific advisors and support from Microsoft to enable even more digital transformation, backed by exclusive access to offers and next-generation products.

There are numerous Lighthouse Schools around Australia, but in 2021/2022, only eight officially approved Microsoft Showcase Schools – including your very own Canterbury College.

Canterbury can take pride in knowing that Microsoft has acknowledged our dedication to exemplifying vision, innovation, and academic transformation, allowing students to prepare for their future beyond our campus – and truly be World Ready!

Mr James Jenkins, our Director of Innovation and Learning, is the staff member driving this initiative and deserves a massive thank you for his wonderful efforts in this area.

Becoming a Microsoft Showcase School isn’t a destination, but rather the beginning of another exciting journey. There will be new skills to learn and new tools to embrace as we turn our ambitions in the digital learning space into reality… – Mr James Jenkins

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