Australian Space Design Competition (ASDC) 2022

The year is 2043…

You work for a company that builds spaceships, and you’ve received a new contract to build a new space settlement that orbits Earth.

Your company has various departments…

Maybe you are looking after the interior and exterior features of the settlement?

Maybe it’s your job to provide for the wellbeing of the residents living in the settlement?

How will they entertain themselves? How will they stay safe and healthy? How will the settlement look after food, water and power for its residents?

Perhaps you need to describe just how the settlement should be constructed, and determine what materials are needed?

Perhaps you need to design machines for the settlement – cranes, jigs, robots etc?

Or maybe you are looking after the costs of the job?

How much do the workers earn? How much do construction materials cost?

The Australian Space Design Competition (ASDC) puts you in a team where you are designing a space settlement from top to bottom.

There is no activity more sci-fi than the ASDC!

If any of the above interests you, or you would like further information, please sign up to the ASDC MyCC Page HERE.

Or please contact Mr Baber via email –