Ash Wednesday Service | Lent Explained & Photo Gallery

Yesterday afternoon, our students from Years 1-12 participated in our Ash Wednesday Service, marking the commencement of Lent. ⛪✝️

Lent is 40 days, excluding Sundays, observed in the Christian calendar, dedicated to fasting, prayer, and reflection leading up to Easter Sunday.

It holds significant importance for Christians, especially those in the Anglican tradition, serving as a time of spiritual preparation and self-examination.

During Lent, Anglicans often give up something they enjoy or find challenging, like certain foods or habits, as a form of self-discipline and sacrifice.

This practice aims to redirect focus towards spiritual growth, detachment from material possessions, and strengthening one’s relationship with God.

Moreover, Lent encourages increased prayer and contemplation on one’s faith journey and connections with others.

Anglicans may engage in special worship services, such as Stations of the Cross or Lenten meditations, to aid in this introspection.

In the Anglican tradition, Lent serves as a vital period of preparation for Easter, the pinnacle of the Christian calendar.

Through observing Lent, Anglicans strive to deepen their spirituality, strengthen their faith, and gain a deeper understanding of Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection.

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