2024 Year 7 UPP: Unleashing Personal Potential – Stronger Connections Wellbeing Day | Event Wrap & Photo Gallery

Today, all our Year 7 students undertook a very motivational all-day wellbeing workshop in the CEC.

They tackled activities designed to help them step out of their ‘comfort zone’, while promoting positive communication and problem-solving skills.

And each attending student really enjoyed the opportunity to learn, grow and connect with one another.

One particular activity challenged students to verbally guide their partners in guessing shapes or letters.

They then attempted to draw these shapes or letters in the air with their finger, like ‘reverse charades’.

Special thanks to the UPP: Unleashing Personal Potential and Forging Connections agency for facilitating this excellent wellbeing day with us.

UPP is dedicated to teaching students strategies around personal engagement in relevant, challenging, practical and inspiring ways.

They specialise in building growth mindsets, grit, wellbeing, healthy relationship skills and leadership skills.

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