2024 Foundation Day Cursus Magnus Relay Race | Photo Gallery & Video

Last Friday morning, Canterbury’s Cursus Magnus Relay Race – featuring Years 5-12 boys and girls student teams from each of our six Houses, an alumni past students team, and current staff team, was held in front of the entire College community around Oval 2.

‘The Great Race’ is an extremely popular annual Foundation Day tradition with students, staff, parents and carers, as well as former students and staff alike.

Our eight teams of eight runners compete for Canterbury Cup house points, as well as athletic glory – cheered on by hundreds of supportive spectators decked out in House colours.

Each runner must complete their required distance before passing the baton onto the next runner, until all eight runners have completed their turn, to find the overall winning team.

And this year, for the first time in recent history, our winning squad was actually the alumni team!

So congratulations to: Jayden Schipplock (Class of 2021), Meg Radburn (Class of 2017), Baxter Hood (Class of 2019), Lachlan Walker (Class of 2021), Hayden Walker (Class of 2020), Kloe Lockhart (Class of 2021), Hmily Shantala – nee Frost (Class of 1995), and Mark Burley (Class of 2013).

As for the winning House racking up points towards securing the yearly Canterbury Cup?

Well… it was Ramsey House for the third year straight! Wow!

Congratulations to the Ramsey Raptors (yet again) with their new Cursus Magnus mini dynasty!

2024 Cursus Magnus Champions: Ramsey House

2023 Cursus Magnus Champions: Ramsey House

2022 Cursus Magnus Champions: Ramsey House

2021 Cursus Magnus Champions: Becket House

The full photo gallery from the Cursus Magnus Relay Race can be found on our Facebook Page HERE.