2023 End-Of-Year Chapel Service + 2024 Incoming Sports & Performing Arts Captains Announced + 2023 Canterbury Cup Winning House Declared!

The 2023 End-Of-Year Chapel Service provided a wonderful opportunity for our Junior and Secondary students to reflect on another very busy year.

Our College Chaplain Father Dan Talbot delivered an inspiring sermon – offering prayers for those who generously donated gifts to the St Mark’s Anglican Social Services and the 4 Voices organisation.

To emphasise the true meaning of Christmas as more than just a holiday or December party season, BUT as a celebration of Jesus Christ’s birthday, Father Dan surprised everyone with a giant birthday cake.

So together, the entire school audience joined in singing a joyful Happy Birthday song!

Following the service, we proudly announced the incoming 2024 Sports and Performing Arts Captains listed below in full.

Congratulations to you all and good luck with your teams and ensembles next year!

Finally, the overall Canterbury Cup year-long House competition results were revealed, and we are thrilled to announce that Ramsey House emerged victorious once again!

Congratulations to the Ramsey House Raptors for an impressive four-year winning streak!

This year has certainly passed swiftly, and we extend our gratitude to everyone for their hard work and dedication across four big Terms of Canterbury College school life.

We wish you all a well-deserved, enjoyable and safe holiday season with your family and friends.

And we look forward to seeing you all again in the coming year from Tuesday 23 January 2024!

For more photos from this morning’s final Chapel Service and major announcements, please visit our Facebook Page HERE.

Gold Badges

Mckynlee Franklin

Peter Flaherty

Future Anything Grand Final – Runner-Up Prize

Ashutosh Vaitha

Sports Captains

Athletics – Sarah Walker

Basketball Boys – Charlie Newton

Basketball Girls – Tylah Marshall

Cricket – Jazz Webb

Cross Country – Emily Webb

Debating – Morwary Kamali

Football Boys – Riley Franklin

Football Girls – Grace Coy

Hockey – Lilly Rider

Netball – Kaylee Tamala

Rugby – Ashley Broadbent

Rugby 7’s – Lorren Leli

Swimming – Lara Mead

Tennis Boys – Alec Dyer

Tennis Girls – Meeka Morrow

Touch Football – Jorja Lockhart

Volleyball Boy – Jake Stewart

Volleyball Girl – Diya Patel

Performing Arts Captions

Band – Reini Blackmore

Choir – Claire Sanderson

Dance – Gabrielle Watson

String – Jasmine Wheatley

Rock School – Nina Burton