2023 ANZAC Day | Canterbury College Commemorative Collage: Request For Photos With Background Descriptions

Dear Canterbury Community,

This coming ANZAC Day, we would like to assemble a Photo Collage as a display of gratitude for those in our community who served our country through the Armed Services.

So we are seeking any images depicting your family’s involvement in the Defence Forces past or present.

This could be a picture of a family member who has or is currently serving, a picture of you or your children with medals from a departed family member, or something we haven’t thought of yet.

We would like to honour our Canterbury families who have given their time, energy and sometimes their lives, in the defence of our country this ANZAC Day.

Please include with any images a little information about the people you would like honoured – Name, Rank, where they served, when they served, and a short background story about them.

These can be sent to our Director of Student Development Mr Chris Nield – 

Thank you!