2022 Trimester 1 Sport: TAS Round 7 & JTAS Round 4 – Canterbury vs Ormiston Results! ⚽️

Here is your Monday TAS and Junior TAS Sport Results Wrap from Round 7 and Round 4 respectively…

After two weekends of crazy weather and unplayable sporting conditions, our Taipans were back in action, and we were finally able to host our FIRST Home Round for 2022 – against those Ormiston Redbacks.

Our recent results show how much we have progressed this season, despite numerous pandemic and severe weather disruptions.

Some highlights from Saturday’s sport round against Ormiston College:

Our Girls Basketball with seven wins from eight matches, and Boys Volleyball with seven wins from ten matches, enjoyed great results across Saturday.

And the energy at these matches was fantastic!

Our First XI Cricket team were just three balls off batting for a whole innings.

A special shout-out to Josh W who batted through the entire Canterbury innings.

Our Intermediate 1 cricket team won in the last over, Intermediate 2 were also victorious, while our Intermediate 3 cricket team lost with only two balls to go.

All four cricket sides are showing great improvement, and most importantly, working well together as a team unit.

Our Girls Tennis team showed improvement from last year’s results against Ormiston College.

Thank you to those Senior players who came early to support our younger tennis players in action.

Our Girls Football teams were a stand out with a good 2-1 win, good 2-2 draw and narrow 0-1 loss!

The hard work our students put in at weekly training definitely showed on the field this week.

Keep up the great work girls!

Thank you also to all the Canterbury swimmers who attended our Internal Swim Meet last Friday, where we had over 80 competitors!

Thank you to all our parents and students who came out to support our Taipans at our FIRST Home Round of the season too.

We have two more rounds of TAS and Junior TAS sport for this Trimester to go… Train hard Taipans!