2021 QLD O’Donnell Youth Lecture With Dr Nathan Boase – Plastic Fantastic! Or Not?

Tuesday 3 August 2021 Update:

Dear All,

For the second year now, COVID has forced the cancellation of this guest lecture.

There may be a small chance of hosting it during the start of Term 4, but a number of things need to go our way for that to occur.

Our chemistry classes are being informed this week.

Stay safe everybody!

Every year, the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) provides access to leading chemical scientists via their Secondary School Chemistry Youth Lecture Series.

These lectures cover a diverse range of engaging topics with the aim of inspiring students into a future career in Chemistry.

So we are excited to host Dr Nathan Boase to speak with us on a lecture entitled: Plastic Fantastic! Or Not So Fantastic?

Plastics are everywhere in the news and on social media at the moment, with global society trying to wage the ‘War On Waste’.

But what exactly are plastics?

What are they made up of?

Why were they so popular in the late 20th century?

This lecture will focus on the molecules that make up plastics – called polymers, and will use demonstrations and examples to answer key questions:

– How does the chemical structure of polymers create the unique properties that have been favoured for so long?

– Why can polymers create problems for waste management?

– What else can polymers be used for other than straws and sandwich wrappers?

We will also look to the future of polymers and plastics and the role they will play far into the 21st century.

More information on the National Youth Lecture Series can be found by clicking on this weblink here.

WHAT: 2021 QLD O’Donnell Youth Lecture With Dr Nathan Boase – Plastic Fantastic! Or Not So Fantastic?

WHEN: 1:30pm – 2:15pm Thursday 5 August 2021

WHERE: Canterbury Arts Auditorium – Canterbury College

WHO: ALL Years 10 – 12 Chemistry Students