2021 Junior School Leadership Assembly – Photo Gallery

Thank you to our 2021 Junior School Captains for their service and contributions to the Canterbury community throughout the past year. 🙏

Our 2022 Junior School Captains are:

2022 Junior School Captains: Ava Heath and Banjo Newton

2022 Junior School Vice Captains: Arabella Carr and Finn Watt

2022 Junior School House Captains:

Becket House 🦁: Austin Dyer (Competition) and Charlotte Bull (Community)

Cranmer House 🐺: Logan Eastwood (Competition) and Lyla Ries (Community)

Goldsworthy House 🦅: Mason White (Competition) and Mujtaba Shah (Community)

Kime House 🐯: Alec Wylie (Competition) and Lillian Pollock (Community)

Ramsey House 🦖: Grace McIntyre (Competition) and Amara Caeiro (Community)

Temple House 🐎: Sienna Crawford (Competition) and Sarah Dunn (Community)

Congratulations to our 2022 Junior School Captains! 👏

23 students were also nominated to be Bridge Builders Mediators through our Bridge Builders Mediators Program.

These students will participate in a two-day training program next year, and those who successfully complete their training will begin their mediator duties – offering assistance and support to our younger students in the playground.

The full Facebook photo gallery can be found at THIS link.