Student Exchange and International Tours

Students’ lives are inevitably richer as they are exposed to and immerse themselves in a diverse range of cultural practises.  Indeed, the development of a broad, tolerant, and empathetic worldview is facilitated through this willingness to engage in new and challenging experiences.

Exchange Programs and International Tours allow students to experience new cultures, expand their worldview and in the process develop their resilience. They can deepen relationships between peers, lead to the development of lifelong friendships and lay the foundations for new relationships in the future.

We have a rich heritage of student exchange at Canterbury, welcoming students from countries such as Japan, China, Indonesia, Germany, India and Papua New Guinea. Students on exchange engage in the daily rituals of education at Canterbury and in doing so help to broaden both their and our students’ worldviews.

At Canterbury we believe our students should have the opportunity to experience a diverse range of cultures through participating in a College Service Tour. Past expeditions have seen students travel to countries such as Cambodia, Peru, Thailand, Vanuatu and Borneo. Service programs look to engage students in community development initiatives such as teaching English language, cultural exchange, habitat restoration and basic construction projects.

In development

Future goals include

  • Establishment of strategic, ongoing relationships with likeminded schools in other nations (Spain, China, SE Asia) where students can short term study breaks undertake exchange programs
  • Permanently establish exchange programs with in-country schools whereby students from both countries can increase language and cultural awareness through short to medium residential programs
  • Establishment of annual service tours to neighbouring countries whereby students can contribute to the provision of locally identified, essential community services for those in need.