Canterbury Futures Program

The Canterbury Centre for Entrepreneurship and Leadership (CCEL) is focused on delivering innovative opportunities that allow students to develop, grow, cope, and engage in an ever-changing world.

The Canterbury Futures Program is a school-industry initiative for students in Year 11 and Year 12 to undertake dedicated internships in an area of their proposed future vocation.

These internships are not restricted to the traditional trade apprenticeships that schools will often seek during a student’s senior schooling years. Although this form of industry involvement is encouraged, the program offers internship across a variety of diverse industries and organisations.

Canterbury believes that by strengthening school-industry engagement opportunities for students, they will enrich their learning and enable quality partnerships, including engagement in mentoring, volunteering and other extra-curricular activities.

The Canterbury Futures Program is a re-imagined model of “work experience” which is designed to establish a mentoring connection between the students and the employer. Throughout the student’s industry involvement, the CCEL will work with employers to ensure the internship incorporates career management, mentor frameworks and a targeted training plan that supports the students’ post-secondary school pathways and career options while identifying and nurturing their talents. Working closely with the Canterbury academic staff, the internship will allow the student to contextualise their current academic studies aligning with the capabilities for the future workforce or their post-secondary study.

Internships will occur during school holidays, with ongoing communication taking place between the CCEL, students and employer during term time. On occasion, if both parties are agreeable, this connection may continue beyond the initial agreed period of the internship.

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If you are interested in being part of the Canterbury Futures Program or would like to know more information about the program, we welcome you to email Mr Greg Wacker, Head of CCEL.

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