Science & Engineering

Canterbury’s Science & Engineering program has a strong inquiry base and is supported by rigorous academic content.

Science Engineering teacher with students

Science students in Year 7-12 enjoy lessons in eight well equipped laboratories. In addition, Senior and Extension Science students have access to Work rooms with a wide array of data collecting equipment available for investigations. Students in Years 9 have the opportunity to select an Extension Chemistry/Physics option, which has a strong STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) focus. Through this program around 45% of graduating students go on to study Science, Health, Engineering, Pharmacy, Veterinary and Medicine related courses at university.

Across Year 7-9, students develop their understanding of microscopic and atomic structures; systems; flows of energy and matter and interactions due to forces; and develop their ability to quantify changes.

Students in Year 10-12 have a selection of subjects to choose from to suit their interests and career paths, each of which allows students to develop evidence-based decision making and engage critically with contemporary scientific issues.