Business and Enterprise

Students who study within the Business and Enterprise Faculty have the opportunity to develop enterprising behaviours and operational capabilities.

Contemporary issues and events, case studies, entrepreneurial programs, and hands-on learning mixed with engaging theory and project based assessment, personalised to students’ interests prepare our students for work in industry.

Students will have the opportunity to learn in our purpose-built Trade Training Centre as well as relevant training and work experience with our industry partners, including Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre and Novotel Hotels Brisbane.  Our facilities boast state of the art equipment and technology to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills for the emerging workforce. Students are given the opportunity to advance their skills from Years 10 to 12, and showcase these abilities when entering district, state-wide, and national competitions.

Business and enterprise students

Our staff are passionate about their craft and design real-world learning experiences for students that develop their confidence and creative thinking whilst ensuring that they are supported and challenged by their learning.

Through authentic learning opportunities, our curriculum fosters enterprising individuals who are able to effectively embrace change; seek innovation; work with others; show initiative, flexibility and leadership; use new technologies; plan, organise and manage risk; and use resources efficiently.

Learning and teaching within the Business and Enterprise Faculty focuses on the development of critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration skills.   With an emphasis on authentic experiences, we provide our students with many opportunities to engage in real world applications and offer a range of industry simulated experiences.  Throughout the subjects offered students develop their understanding and skills in ways that will empower them to become active industry participants and informed citizens and decision-makers.